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Join our comprehensive training program to excel in Digital Forensics. Learn from industry experts, gain hands-on experience, and earn a government-approved certification. Start your journey towards a rewarding career, collaborating with top MNCs and government agencies to combat cybercrimes and safeguard digital assets.

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I am currently working as a Security Analyst in a company & also a Bug Hunter. I am at this position only due to the concept I learnt from this training. I applied all those learnings & currently earning well & doing well in Cyber Security.

Samprit Das

Security Analyst | Net Square

S Rahul Review

Awesome course and support by Defronix. The knowledge provided was top notch. I have been working as a Security Analyst & this course has helped me a lot in achieving my dream Cybersecurity Job. Thank you for your guidance & knowledgeful resources.

S Rahul

Security Analyst | CodeMarks

Akendra Rawat

Thank you for providing such an amazing course. You have taught us how to develop problem solving skills. Everything you guided helped me everywhere & I am lucky that I enrolled to this course. Because of your course I got a chance to work in a Japanese MNC.

Akendra Rawat

Security Analyst | CypherTec, Japan

Cyber Crime Investigators emerge as the vigilant guardians, protecting the digital world from nefarious threats and ensuring the safety of our online environment.

Role of Cyber Crime Investigators

Cybercrime investigators play a crucial role in detecting, analyzing, and mitigating digital threats to protect individuals and organizations from cybercriminal activities.

Dynamic and Rewarding:

A career in cybercrime investigation promises exciting challenges, continuous growth, and the fulfillment of protecting the digital world.

Career Opportunities:

A career in cybercrime investigation opens doors to diverse and high-demand roles in law enforcement, private corporations, government agencies, and specialized cyber cells, offering the chance to work on cutting-edge technologies and make a significant impact on cybersecurity.

Who Should Attend:

Slots Limited!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the live training?

The live training is of max 3 months starting from 28th June 2024. EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY AT 7 PM to 9 PM {Flexible if needed}.

Recordings of each session after Live Class will be provided to everyone so that you don’t miss any learning

What After Enrollment/Pre-Booking ?

Just after the pre-booking or enrolment, you will be added to WhatsApp group By 27th June. All further communication will be done in WhatsApp group only.

Who is eligible to enroll in the Cyber Crime Investigator Live Training?

The training is designed for students, cybersecurity professionals, IT experts, law enforcement, police department personnel, and anyone seeking to enhance their skills in solving cyber crimes.

What topics will be covered during the live training?

The training covers a broad spectrum of topics, including forensic fundamentals, hands-on case studies, incident detection and response, legal considerations, and mastery of technological tools used in digital forensic investigations. You will be provided all required tools worth more than INR 1 Lakh.

Will the training offer a certification?

Yes, participants will receive a DEFRONIX CERTIFIED CYBER CRIME INVESTIGATION CERTIFICATION (DCCI) upon successful completion of the training, validating their expertise in cyber crime investigation.

Is the Cyber Crime Investigation training suitable for beginners in ?

Absolutely. The training is crafted to accommodate participants at all skill levels, from beginners to experienced professionals, providing a structured and inclusive learning experience.

How interactive are the learning sessions?

The learning sessions are highly interactive, featuring engaging discussions, live demonstrations, and opportunities for participants to ask questions and interact with instructors and fellow learners.

Is there post-training support or resources provided?

Yes, participants will have access to post-training resources, including course materials, recordings, and a community network, fostering ongoing learning and collaboration.

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